General Policy

Positive comments to the coaches, referees, umpires, players and or the director are always welcome.  I will respect the officials and their authority during games and will never question, discuss, or confront officials at the games.  Negative or inappropriate comments such a booing and taunting, or refusing to shake hands, or profane language or gestures will not be tolerated.

The emphasis at GAC recreation games is not on winning, but rather on creating an environment in which each child will have fun and will grow & develop his/her abilities in each sport as he/she may desire.

GAC wishes each sporting event to be an encouragement towards physical fitness, improvement for human relationships and sportsmanship, and equal participation.

Spectator Pledge

I will demand a sports environment for my child that is free from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco and the use of them discouraged at all sports events.  I acknowledge that if my behavior is not encouraging or appropriate, I may be asked to leave the field or court.  Repeat occurrences could lead to permanent dismissals.  Any suggestions, comments, or complaints can be turned into GAC the following day in writing.