Spin Bike Class

We are excited to receive our Spin Bikes.  Julica Ohara will be the instructor for our spin bike class.
Cost:  GAC Members Free
           Non-Members $5.00/class
Mon & Weds. 5:15 am Beginning May 23
 There will be an intro class on Friday May 20, 5:15 am .  Reserve your Bike now. 5 bikes available.
How to make an "appointment"/reservation:  You will need to sign in to square appointments to view your reserved dates and to reserve a new date.  It will read for "appointment"  That is square's wording.  It will send a code to your phone.    There is a place to see upcoming and past reservations. 
By clicking "Any available Staff" will show a choice of any bike that may be available within the 7 days.
Reserve a bike:  up to 7 days prior to class
Cancellation:  Please cancel anytime up to 1 hour prior to class if you are unable to attend class.  Others may be waiting for a cancellation.  Thank You
Waiting List:  Check back on available time up to approx. 1 hour prior to class to see if any cancellations have occured.