2022 Summer Ball League

Date:  Begins June 6, 2022
Divisions:  T-Ball (4-5 yrs)  Will hit off Tee Will play Wednesday nights 
                  Rookie Boys  (6-8 yrs)     Coach Pitch, will play Monday nights 
                  Rookie Girls  (6-8 yrs)      Coach Pitch, will play Monday nights
                  Bambino Boys (9-12 yrs)  Kid Pitch, will play Tuesday nights
                  Bambino Girls (9-12 yrs)   Kid Pitch, will play Tuesday nights 
 Parents:  You can spend more time with your kids and be a hero to other kids by becoming a coach.  Please coach, as we can't have a league without you.  There will be a box to check on the registration for coaching.
Game Schedule can be found on the calendar or :  6-1 Revised Bambino Boys        6-1 Revised Bambino Girls       Rookie Boys       Revised Rookie Girls   Revised T-Ball
Practice Calendars have been added to top of Calendar page.  Coaches are updating Calendars